Miner Ranch History

Miner Ranch Homestead 1904

My Great-grandparents Garfield and Anna Bell Miner homesteaded 14 miles South and a mile and a half west of Gregory South Dakota.  They arrived from Nebraska in the very late 1800’s.  My Grandfather Jerry was the youngest of their 4 children (two boys and two girls).  My Grandparents are Jerry and Lena Miner.  My Dad is the oldest of their 5 children.

The ranching legacy has passed down from Garfield and Anna, to Jerry & Lena, my Uncle Gary, my Parents and now me.  My relationship to this land began when I was an infant.  My parents adopted me, and I was brought home to the ranch.  A long told story about my arrival, a blizzard had come in and snow blocked the driveway and road.  Neighbors heard my parents could head out to get me, so the community came together and plowed roads!   When I was two our family relocated to Michigan.  We would come visit the ranch every summer.  I loved riding horses & tractors, playing with kittens and dogs.  I can remember the feel of nice breeze on a hot day, the sound of a screen door slamming.  I loved my Uncle and Grandpa for always letting me be part of the outside world of horse, haying and loving the land.